A Quiet Strong Voice: A Voice of Hope Amidst Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Thoughts

A Quiet Strong Voice is a raw, honest, reveal of a torturous journey through depression, anxiety and multiple suicide attempts.

Lee Horbachewski bravely exposes the compelling intimate details of the darkness she experienced and the steps she took to find hope and choose life.

Providing hope and inspiration to millions of people suffering with depression and anxiety, this book will save lives. A must for anyone impacted by mental illness, A Quiet Strong Voice includes a Personal Reflection Chapter with exercises to empower you to move onwards and upwards through depression and anxiety. A wealth of resources and a chapter on supporting a loved one makes this a must read for everyone.


“Thank you so much Lee for sending copies of A Quiet Strong Voice to us for the Men at Risk program. I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down!  It is so inspiring to hear about the depths of your illness and how you worked on your recovery. It is a very hopeful, heart-felt story that will reach people who are suffering or who have been there in the past. You write so well that I could picture you in the settings you describe.  I also really appreciate the Chapter 7 to the End Notes, making your book very practical for people to use.  The other staff and Executive Director at SPRC are very impressed as well. ”

Barbara Campbell, RSW
Men at Risk Program Coordinator , Suicide Prevention Resource Centre, Grande Prairie, AB.

“Lee Horbachewski’s book is a beacon of hope to those who are experiencing the darkness of depression, anxiety or thoughts of suicide. Those who are struggling and those who care for someone who is suffering will find inspiration, hope, and a wealth of resources in this book. With ruthless honesty and deep compassion for herself and others Lee shares her story and reminds us all of the choice to open again and again to learning and life.”
Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Author of The Invitation


“A profoundly helpful, heartfelt and authentic book by a brave and beautiful soul. An opus of overcoming! There are many books written about depression but very few cut to the heart of the matter like this one. Highly recommended!”
Jeff Brown, author of ‘Soulshaping’.

This book is not only for anyone who may be dealing with mental illness and depression, but it’s also a life changing book to those who are dealing with loved ones who are going through the process. As Lee walks you through her own journey and obstacles, she also gave me an understanding of how I need to cope with having my own brother go through it. I lost my brother almost 7 years ago who had many demons and challenges with mental health. I read A Quiet Strong Voice after losing my brother.

This book is full of insight of what our loved ones go through and an understanding of how they need to be heard and validated. This book is a must as we strive to reduce the stigma around the subjects of mental illness. It’s a must for those going through mental health and a definite must for those watching loved ones go through it.

Although A Quiet Strong Voice won’t bring my brother back, it helped me know I did what I could do for my brother and understand his pain.”
Christina Rowsell – The Brighter Side YYC

A Quiet Strong Voice is a compelling piece of vulnerability, revealing the depths of despair, the dangers in depression and the quick sand of suicide intention that can trap even the most beautiful, intelligent and loving individuals.

Lee Horbachewski bravely exposes the truth of her torturous journey through anxiety, fear, depression and multiple suicide attempts.  Her intimate description of frantic attempts to end her life pull you into the story, enmeshing your emotions, heart and longing for peace for this fragile woman.

Finding help and hope in family, friends, therapists, God, and two precious little sparrows, proves there is no single answer to the struggle.  Hope comes in opening hearts to others, to nature and to our higher power, verifying that we CAN overcome disparaging, self destructive and depressive emotions.”
Annette Stanwick Award-winning Author of FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE,  International Speaker and Freedom Facilitator

“It is so nice to read such an honest book about the plight of depression.  In my readings, I have found that most books focus on only thinking positively and ignore the negative emotions.  However, Lee hits the mark by her honesty about all the emotions she was experiencing.  Most importantly, she highlights the importance of acknowledging all emotions so that they can be seen and heard.  I appreciated her vulnerability and believe this book will be a useful resource.”
Tessa Burns Registered Psychologist and Owner of Serenity Now Wellness Centre

“After reading this book, I ended up buying over 10 additional copies for my family and close friends. Great read! Life is a journey and it can definitely throw us some curve balls at times. Our emotions and thoughts can play tricks on us, and often people feel like they are the only one that is feeling the way they are and that no one understands them, which can make the feelings worse. Understanding Lee’s journey has significantly helped me help loved ones deal with similar challenges. A must read for everyone. I admire Lee’s courage in sharing her story – it has helped so many people!”
Russ Thomas


“Every so often someone will come along and gift you with the raw, honest, reveal of their experience. When this happens, you are forever changed. A Quiet Strong Voice is that gift. Lee Horbachewski helps bridge the understanding of mental illness and brings forth a tremendous offering of tools in which one can begin to see their own quiet strong voice emerging. This is a gift to be shared.”
Farhana Dhalla International #1 Best Selling Author of Thank You for Leaving Me

” I have read this book twice now. The second time it really hit home because I got how debilitating depression can be. I used to be one of those “snap out of it” thinkers until a loved one in my world suffered from depression and I learned firsthand that this uneducated thinking doesn’t help someone who truly needs help. I love Lee’s raw account of her journey. In fact, I wanted to hear more. The question “What I am pretending not to know?” stirred a new level of self-honoring in me that I didn’t see coming. WHOA! And I love the helpful questions in the Personal Reflections section. I used them for processing some emotions I was experiencing. Brilliant!

A Quiet Strong Voice meets someone affected by depression right where they are at. It educates, inspires and gives hope. It sure created greater understanding in me. And that’s half the journey for loved ones watching someone go through depression.

Thank you Lee for this transformational book. You model how beautiful a healing journey can be. May your book get into the hands of all who need it.”
Paula Onysko,  Health & Money Mastery Coach

“Lee’s raw account of living with depression is a powerful read. Not only is it a must read for those who know the frustration and adversity of living with the disease, it is a compelling read for those who have not fought the battle. I found Lee’s account a great resource to understanding the depths of the disease. As a bystander I often wondered what I could or should do to help or assist the one I love fighting depression. Lee’s book offers insight on how to help; what to do, say, and how to embrace our loved one fighting through depression.”
Tina Sakundiak


“Beautifully written, Lee’s journey offers others hope, compassion, inspiration, and strength in a time when they need it the most.  A Quiet Strong Voice… an authentically moving book.”
Charmaine Hammond, Bestselling author, “On Toby’s Terms”

“This book is a gift to the world. A true and heartfelt account of life amidst depression and anxiety. Lee shares her journey in such a way that she creates a safe space for others to follow and believe there is hope.

We must be the change we seek in the world. Lee is both a change agent and a beacon of light.

As someone who lost her father to suicide and watched in horror while her mother navigated depression and her own attempts at suicide. This book provides answers and eases the pain of loss.

Thank you Lee for the courage, honesty, hope and inspiration you have shared.”
Jo Dibblee, Author of the best selling book Frock Off: Living Undisguised.


“Lee has given us powerful insight into depression by sharing her journey. It’s a must read to ensure we are aware of this life threatening illness’s hidden symptoms. You will relate to her and her family’s pain and most of all you will understand the journey of recovery and will cheer for her awakening out of the darkness. We all know someone with depression and they deserve our understanding. When you read A Quiet Strong Voice. You will understand.”
Melanie Hayden-Sparks Founder/President of Graduit Network

“In A Quiet Strong Voice, Lee takes you through her journey of what was her reality, battling a dark war against depression and suicide, coming out on top. This book is sure to inspire anyone to be more open and aware to the disease of depression. If you do not understand the severe impact that depression can have on someone’s life you will after reading this beautiful piece”
Shelley Streit, Author of  “Beyond the Rear View Mirror”

Depression, Anxiety and Suicide are not just words, but experiences, that I’m all too familiar with.  They have been a part of my life experience countless times.  In my family alone, there have been 5 suicides (that I’m aware of), in 3 generations.

Mental Illness is on both sides of my family tree.  My father had his own battles with darkness that led to a lot of substance abuse, countless suicide attempts, until he succeeded on November 19, 1984.

I too, have had my own struggles with darkness, depression and anxiety.  In my experience, it has been the anxiety that’s even worse than the depression.  But one feeds the other and the vicious cycle begins by taking you on a spiraling isolating journey.

One does not realize when they are on this self-defeating journey that the depression and or anxiety are not bigger than them or beyond them.  It casts a shadow on the mind perhaps, but that is because of where it stands in relation to their light – not its real size.  We are all guaranteed success – we just have to give ourselves permission.

A Quiet Strong Voice is a necessary and helpful tool to remind us: That we are not alone, that we are worthy and that we matter! It gives us permission to ask for help, and to honor not only our light but also our darkness.  It teaches us that we are worthy of love, especially our own.

The stigma of mental illness has been hidden, downplayed and muted for far too long.  My deepest thanks go out to Lee Horbachewski for sharing her truth and her vulnerability.  Her commitment to see this book to completion is more than brave – it is pure love.”
Natasja Fischer – Professional Organizer  &  Owner – “Symmetry Works”


A Quiet Strong Voice speaks honestly and heart-fully to the desperate and seemingly hopeless battle of depression.  Lee’s journey is a true story where she serves to illuminate all facets of her TRUTH… the compelling intimate details of her illness and the unconditional love and support that she discovers, even in the most unexpected places, on her path to wellness.  Lee’s story serves as a bright light to the countless number of people, their families and loved ones who are dealing with the dark and isolating effects of depression and anxiety.”
Kari Dunlop Founder/Owner of Glinda Girls

A Quiet Strong Voice is real, raw and powerful.  Lee’s brutal honesty and willingness to ‘tell all’ offers an intense insightful experience into the darkness that is depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.  There is a greater awareness and compassion that results when you journey through and share Lee’s experience with each word that she has written.  She has found her quiet strong voice; she is brave.”
Jill Ethier Owner/Creator at Unleash Your Greatness

“I have never met someone so honest and open about her depression and attempted suicide.  This story touched my heart in many ways and every time an issue came up, I could feel her pain and wanted nothing more than to grab her and take her pain away.  Suicide has affected so many people and the person who commits suicide doesn’t realize how devastating it is for everyone around them, and that there is hope.  I am so honored and humbled to have Lee in my life and couldn’t imagine life without her!  A Quiet Strong Voice is a MUST READ for anyone who has even a whiff of depression or mental health challenges.  Lee – you are the bravest woman I know!”
Kelly Falardeau Author of No Risk No Rewards

“Lee’s story reveals to the reader the very darkest place of the mind in a state of deep depression, all the way to the unthinkable place where suicide happens.  At the same time, her story of healing offers a clear road map full of hope, love, purpose and even, ultimately, redemption.  The raw truth of all of this is inspiring for anyone to read.  One can’t help but believe this book will save lives.”

Ken McNeill

“This book is a must for all those that have slipped into the darkness and depths of despair through depression and mental illness. When I received my copy from Lee and opened up the first page I didn’t realize just how much it would grasp me… to a point that it kept me reading until I had read the book in just one day… It is written in a way that you become Lee, you feel everything she writes, and there is no stone left unturned. I recommend this book as a helpful tool to anyone who needs help and to understand that they can come from the depth of breaking and rise again. Lee shows great strength and courage and with the support of a loving family and friends she has come through the other side.”
Sally-Ann Davis, Sensitive Hearts

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