April 16, 2014

Connection is at the Heart of Life

“Connection really is at the heart of life, of being truly healthy, and authentic.  On numerous occasions, I have witnessed the fact that when I express myself honestly, I receive empathy, acceptance, freedom, and peace, all of which serve me in a positive way.

The voice of fear and doubt pops up: What if someone gets upset and turns their back on me or walks away?

The quiet strong voice says, Lee, when you come from a place of honesty and love, you can rest assured that those who matter will not walk away.

I make a commitment to myself : moving forward I will be open and honest with myself and others, while honouring boundaries and being aware.”

An excerpt from, A Quiet Strong Voice: A Voice of Hope Amidst Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts


Speaking your truth, is a gift, not only to yourself, it is also a gift to others.  To connect deeply with another, is truly at the heart, and soul of life.  You were born to be in relationship with others.  You were connected to your mother for nine months in the most intimate, and beautiful way.  Your life depended on this connection when you were born.

You grew because of this connection.

You learned through this connection.

You learned to love, and be loved through this connection.

When you were hungry, you cried – your mom fed you.

When you were tired, you cried – your mom would lull you to sleep.

When you were in pain, you cried – your mom would do what she could, with what she knew, to ease your pain.


One intimate, authentic, and meaningful connection with another, is a blessing.  No matter how many connections like this you have, treasure them, honour them, nurture them, and nourish them.


Begin by creating an intimate, authentic, and meaningful connection to yourself.  Honour this connection with grace, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and most of all – love.  When you are gifting this to yourself, it will be much easier to have a meaningful connection with others.



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