Learn with Lee

Why Learn with Lee

Lee is a photographer, mental health advocate and author based in Calgary, Alberta. Photography took Lee out of the depths of darkness in 2013 and taught her to see the light in the dark, by adjusting some settings. Lee has completed the Certificate of Visual Design – Specializing in Photography through the University of Calgary and has grown as a photographer through a long list of workshops and courses from some of the most talented professional photographers in Canada. With experience as a Professional Life Coach, mental health advocate and spokesperson, Lee’s ability to connect, support and mentor with genuine care is a gift. 


In all sessions, whether it’s an individual session, lunch & learn, online course or retreat, Lee guides you through skills to be mindful while learning about iPhone & camera settings, photography basics, composition, lighting, editing, helpful resources and a commitment to continue supporting you on your journey after learning. You will feel heard, seen, accepted, inspired, supported and loved. 

What is Mindful Photography

Mindfulness – is simply about being present in the moment. You’re not required to sit for hours in silence, with no distractions or thoughts swirling around in your head. A mindful person is someone who is open to the flow of each moment, by being observant, nonjudgmental and accepting of themselves, others, and the environment around them. 


Photography – the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. 


Mindful Photography is the practice of being aware of the present moment and capturing the beauty of your surroundings with acceptance and gratitude. Combined with the scientifically proven benefits for mental health of being out in nature, Mindful Photography can be a calming and rewarding journey that opens your eyes to different perspectives. 

Individual Sessions

Whether you want to be behind the lens, learning Mindful Photography with your iPhone or camera in person or virtually OR be in front of the lens and receive beautiful environmental portraits, an Individual Session with Lee will leave you inspired and grateful.

Online Courses

Coming Soon!

Mindful Photography Retreats

In an intimate and small group setting staying at locally owned and run inns and lodges, you will be treated to a weekend away that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.