Mindful Photography Retreats

Why Learn with Lee

Lee is a photographer, mental health advocate and author based in Calgary, Alberta. Photography took Lee out of the depths of darkness in 2013 and taught her to see the light in the dark, by adjusting some settings. Lee has completed the Certificate of Visual Design – Specializing in Photography through the University of Calgary and has grown as a photographer through workshops and courses from some of the most talented professional photographers in Canada. With experience as a Professional Life Coach, mental health advocate and spokesperson, Lee’s ability to connect, support and mentor with genuine care is a gift.

Mindful Photography Retreats

In an intimate and small group setting staying at locally owned and run Inns and Lodges, you will be treated to a weekend away that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. Breakfasts and one dinner are included to reduce additional costs for you during the weekend and to encourage connection. You’ll learn photography basics, composition, lighting and basic editing. Whether you have a phone, a point and shoot or a DSLR camera, you will be treated to a renewed outlook on photography and tools for mindfulness and mental health.

What to Expect

Mindful Photography Retreats are relaxed and fluid, meaning no set itinerary for field times are in place. You will have time to learn practical tips and tools through presentations, experience opportunities to practice what you learn in the field, and also have some time to relax, connect and enjoy.


“The Mindful Photography Retreat hosted by Lee in Longview was a fantastic opportunity to rekindle my interest in photography. The beautiful setting provides an abundance of subject matter and Lee was passionate about sharing how she uses photography to connect with the world around us.” ~ Deborah

“I have wanted to learn a lot more about photography for a long time but really didn’t like the idea of sitting in a classroom each week to do it. I often have trouble taking information in if I just sit in a classroom for hours. This retreat was a great balance of formal learning and practical learning so I took in more. The formal presentations were also great in it was a cozy comfy atmosphere and the practical part had so much to offer no matter what you like to take photos of….. for me landscape and animals but there were opportunities for so much more! For editing I knew very little and can’t believe the change this will bring for me. All my questions I asked Lee were both shown to me and broken down in a formal instruction for notes. Can’t wait to practice all I have learned and head back for another retreat with Lee to continue my learning. I am still in awe of how some tricks/ techniques are transforming my photos!” ~ Allie