April 5, 2020

Lessons from a C-19 Survivor: On the Other Side of The Window

It was like a bomb hit me when I heard those words. “I’m listing you as a Covid-19 case. Effective immediately, you are to self-isolate for 14 days.”

I’ll never forget those words my doctor told me on the morning of March 25th, just days after my 54th birthday. So I sprung into action, immediately calling people I knew with whom I had close contact with the prior seven days. Although they didn’t need to isolate, they were advised to quarantine even if they didn’t have symptoms. My news was met with disbelief. I wouldn’t have believed it either, except my body was telling me otherwise.

My symptoms began a couple days prior. I was exceptionally tired. I had diarrhea coupled with extreme nausea and didn’t want to eat anything. With non-stop sweats and chills, my laundry was piling up. And my chest? Well, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My breathing was laboured and my lungs felt like sharp needles were being stuck into them like pin cushions.

Climbing my stairs felt like I was ascending Mt Everest, one slow step at a time. My heart would race so high, that I had to stop half-way up, sit down and wait until it slowed enough for me to continue. My friend Jaci, who actually climbed Mt Everest base camp, would be so proud!!!

These symptoms lasted for about 9 days, slowly tapering off but still reminding me, I was not alone. My new friend, Covid-19 was keeping me company! Friend? Yes, because friends teach you life’s most valuable lessons.

So what doesn’t Covid-19 do? It doesn’t discriminate based on race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, income tax bracket, or religious beliefs. It doesn’t ask for permission to take up residence in one’s body. It doesn’t need a passport to travel the globe. It doesn’t follow a business plan. It doesn’t care about how many followers you have on Facebook. It just doesn’t care!!

One of Shauna’s amazing helpers, Jen.

But here’s the good part. My friend, Covid-19, has taught me valuable lessons. I have learned that the view from my living room window, is beautiful. That watching Spring birds flying around is exciting. I’ve learned to accept help from people who genuinely care for me. I’ve learned that the love from my pets is unconditional (I kinda already knew that). I’ve learned that our lives are so intertwined, not just on a personal level, but on a global level. I’ve learned that our government leaders truly care and are getting sh*t done!

I’ve learned that I am strong even when I’m at my weakest. I’ve learned… who my friends are. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to all of you, because, #WeAreInThisTogether.

Thank you.
Shauna Baty
C-19 Survivor!!!!