May 6, 2020

Living with Covid and Lyme Disease

As news of the Relaunch Strategy here in Alberta creates mixed emotions, I thought a message from my dear friend Kari who is at high risk would help your perspective and inspire you to show up with kindness no matter what your circumstances.

Since Covid begun, I’ve checked in on Kari on a weekly basis, dropped off groceries at her condo door and been inspired by her continuing attitude of kindness and courage. We captured her Porchrait on a cold, rainy day, and still she’s smiling! Will be doing a retake when the timing is right.

Here is Kari’s story.

We all have curve balls hurled our way. Mine came in the form of Lyme disease (and a plethora of subsequent diagnoses) in 1992. For 19 years I went from doctors to tests to energy healers to specialists to hospitals until finally in 2010, after working with a functional medicine doctor, I got a diagnosis. I now had something to google.

Working through chronic illness for the last 28 years has been like one long dress rehearsal in social distancing. Being high risk, I’ve only left my condo to take out the garbage and most recently, go for short walks when there are very few people around. But as John DeMartini says, “You can’t have one side of a magnet”. And that is oh-so true. This nugget has given me so much to pause and consider. It has been the life preserver that has buoyed me through many tough situations. 

As of late I’ve been using essential oils nonstop to support my immune system. Becoming a certified functional medicine health coach and discovering the healing power of plants are just a few of the unexpected upsides that I have come to appreciate. All three clinics I went to for treatment used Young Living products and it was in my naturopath who prescribed me my first oil:  Peace and Calming. And let me tell you, it does what it says and smells divine!

My diffuser is running 24/7 and sometimes I even have two on the go! Some of my favourite oils to diffuse right now are: Thieves, Laurus Nobilis and Lemon. Upon the advice of my doctor, I’ve ditched the toxic household products and switched to Thieves cleaning products. My doctor also has a recipe for a Thieves room spray that helps to lower counts of microbes in the air. Having spent 19 years getting a diagnosis,  I’m always keen to do what I can to help fast track others and share the tools that have helped me along the way.  Feel free to message me and I’d be happy to send that recipe to you.

I feel like this pandemic has really sharpened my focus in the best way. As challenging as this time is, the other side of the magnet for me right now is about savouring simplicity. The small things are everything. While we’re all on a roller coaster that varies in vertical from day to day and minute by minute, kindness has become my new currency. The stories I’ve read of strangers joining in birthday drive-bys to people grocery shopping for seniors puts a smile on my heart. Every. Time. I’m addicted! It’s the collateral beauty in this heartbreaking situation. I’m also committed to filling my Naturally group on Facebook with any #goodhumanstory that I scroll upon because my prayer is that after we’re on the other side of this pandemic we take all of the good stuff with us.

Stay well + keep safe.