April 8, 2020

Supporting Local: Restauranteur Shares Her Story

When I first asked Phoebe to share her story, her words to me were, “Don’t burn out.  The world needs Lee and her stories!” I’ve been blessed to know Phoebe for just under a year. In that time, she has become a trusted friend, confidante and mentor. We have developed a win-win relationship. I design posters for her, she pays me with wine 😀

When Phoebe sent me the first draft of this blog, I read it and thought, “not feeling it!” I shared that with her, and her response, “Yikes……. A business geek sharing her feelings… I’ll try.” Hence the last paragraph.

Without further adieu, here’s Phoebe’s story…

During the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to witness first-hand how the community has come together during the Covid-19 crisis.  My gratitude to the countless front line individuals for providing us with the care during this period and who do so at risk to themselves and their families.

Vin Room is not a front line business.  But, we pride ourselves on being a community gathering place where you can enjoy a date night out.   In eleven years of business,  we have grown to know our guests and they have become a part of our extended community.  We think about them often and we miss them.  So, my team and I wanted to bring that “date night” experience home.  We created Date Night In for our guests.  Our chefs create the meal and we deliver it, with a bottle of wine, so you can create your own special night in the midst of this turmoil.   

We are most proud of our collaborations with local businesses for you to enjoy at home.  We have partnered with local farmer Lambtastic Farms to offer frozen lamb packages, bacon from Bear and Flowers and Sparks eggs to offer a breakfast in bed, hand cream from Neals Yard Remedies to soothe your Purell soaked hands, and of course Pupper Chow and Bon-a Pet bakery, to provide treats for your fur baby.   

On a personal note, I am not just an entrepreneur.  My business has become my life and with it, my team has become my extended family.   We have been many things together.  Maternity leaves, marriages, children, the flood of 2013, and too many laughs and tears to count.  Seeing how this impacts their lives, their families and the uncertainty it brings, breaks my heart.   I’m a former corporate geek and it has been ingrained in me to leave the emotion aside and focus on actions.   Yet, I trust that we will drag each other through it, with a few tears and hopefully, a few laughs along the way.  And, that’s what keeps me going.

We will all get through this together.  As a community, we will become closer for it.  Stay healthy and safe.

With gratitude

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