December 11, 2020

We Are Resilient: Facing the Storm of Covid.

This lone tree has caught my attention on many occasions. Each time I think to myself, “I really should take a picture of it.” Earlier this week as I pulled into a parking lot, I noticed some coyote tracks. Following them, I felt this sense of purpose and wonder. The tracks took me through the lightly snow covered forest and then stepped out into the open meadow. As I looked up, the tracks were heading straight for the lone tree. In that moment, I lost interest in the tracks and couldn’t take my eyes off the tree.

Thoughts and feelings started rushing through my being. Tears welled up, yet I didn’t feel sad. Looking beyond the tree, were many others like it, however they all seemed to be grouped together and looked magnificent with their dormant branches covered in snow.

“Why doesn’t this tree have snow on it?” I asked myself.

Because it’s exposed. It’s not protected by others surrounding it as storms roll in. Yet here it is, standing tall – taller than the others, commanding my attention. I feel this surge of power and strength, as I contemplate the resilience this tree has.

This past year, Covid-19 has stripped us of the protection of loved ones. It has left many standing alone, with no one around to support them. It has demanded that we face the unknown and change the way we experience our every day lives.

We must accept the unknown, and do our best to stand tall and believe in the strength and power that resides within each of us. We must hold on to hope that this storm will pass soon, and we can begin to piece our lives back together.

We are resilient, and we will get through this.