Sharing the Beauty of Nature and Mindfulness for Mental Health

Through photography, storytelling, and coaching, Lee will inspire you to be mindful and present to the beauty of nature.

Photography provides an impactful metaphor for life – When there is darkness, adjust the settings and there is light. Whether you have a phone, a point and shoot or a DSLR, Lee will help you utilize photography as a tool for mindfulness and mental health.

Looking to add some beauty and nature to your home, office or space? Browse a selection of Lee’s images that you can purchase as a print, canvas, metal and many other choices.

Providing hope and inspiration to millions of people suffering with depression and anxiety, this book will help save lives. A must for anyone impacted by mental illness, A Quiet Strong Voice provides resources, a chapter on supporting a loved one and a personal reflection chapter with exercises, makes this a must read for everyone.

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Tools and Resources for your Mental Health

Providing Support for a Loved One
through Depression

 Reach out for Help
You are Not Alone

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Winter is Coming

“There are always dark periods in each of our lives, and even if things are good now (‘summer’), we must always be prepared and ready

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